CannaBrush Trimming Brush

SKU: CB1000

Quick trim brush, easy to use and easy to clean.

Description of CannaBrush Trimming Brush

The purpose of the CannaBrush is to preserve the highest quality of the plant, with a significantly faster clipping speed than conventional scissors. Brushing is an ergonomic movement and puts a strain on your hands, wrists and eyes. With proper technique, brushing feels like a natural movement. The shape and stiffness of the silicone blades provide the correct amount of pressure to properly trim stems. As we know, resin is incredibly sticky, scissors and gloves get dirty quickly, while silicone is resistant to sticking and prevents resin build-up.

Brushing all the shoots on a stem at the same time is surprisingly efficient. With experience, the volume that brushing can cut is impressive. These brushes require much less cleaning than scissors. A quick clean will eventually increase the life of your blades. Freeze the brush and gently remove the resin tips. The trichomes on your buds burst when touched due to pressure and sticking. The silicone brush cutout is more gentle to the plant.

Aditional information for CannaBrush Trimming Brush


26,5 x 5,75 cm


0,070 Kg

Units per box


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