Grotek Bud Fuel Pro

Brand: SKU: 770006198.

1L makes 500L of solution

Description of Grotek Bud Fuel Pro


Organic Based Bloom
Full of organic material, Bud Fuel Pro works with the plant to support key metabolites leading to improved flower production.  The organic content present in this formula supports biological activity in the root zone to positively impact plant growth.

Ocean Energy for Maximum Impact.

High quality kelp provides an optimal level of plant-boosting compounds in every bottle.  Kelp positively impacts root development during key stages of growth, while also assisting with uniform flower set.

This proprietary formula improves nutrient conditions to bolster the number of flowering sites, while Blossom Blaster Pro feeds those flowers during early development.

Highly soluble
Improves flowering
Organic extracts create synergies with minerals

Application ratio:
2-3ml per 1L
5ml per 1L (Foliar)
Derived from:
Fermented Molasses, Seaweed Extract, Monopotassium Phosphate, Diammonium Phosphate.
Nutrients (ppm) per 1ml/L:
Nitrogen(N) ….. 10 ppm
Available Phosphate (P2O5) ….. 30ppm
Soluble Potassium (K2O) ….. 40ppm

Application Rate: 1L makes 500L of solution. Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 2 − 3 ml per 1 L of water (½−¾ tsp per 1.25 qt). Use 3 − 4 times during a growing season, focusing immediately prior to and during flower development.

Dimensions and weights

  • 500ml – 5.08 x 10.16 x 15.24 cm –  0.63 Kg
  • 1L – 5.84 x 12.95 x 19.81 cm –  1.125 Kg
  • 4L – 10.92 x 19.81 x 27.43 cm – 4.77 Kg
  • 10L – 17.53 x 24.13 x 36.07 cm –  11.205 Kg
  • 23L – 24.13 x 29.21 x 43.18 cm – 25.065 Kg

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