Grotek Insta-Green

Brand: SKU: 770006265.

1L makes 200L of solution

Description of Grotek Insta-Green

Insta-GreenTM restores greenery to nutrient-starved plants. Its effects are quickly felt in growth. This product provides nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and iron for rapid nutrient recovery. For an immediate effect, it is best sprayed on the leaves. But it is also excellent for soaking the roots, and can even be used as a preventive measure.

Insta-Green™ provides fast-acting nitrogen for crops that have used all available nitrogen in the root zone, helping plants re-green almost immediately. This highly available nitrogen is complemented by chelated iron to further enhance the rich greening effect of the formula.

Apply as a foliar spray to quickly remedy common nutrient deficiencies.

Corrects the most common nutritional deficiencies
Can be sprayed on leaves, or to soak roots
Contains mineral chelates

Application ratio:
5ml per 1L
10ml per 1L (Foliar)
Derived from:
Ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, iron chelate (EDTA), magnesium nitrate.
Nutrients (ppm) per 1ml/L:
Nitrogen(N) ….. 30 ppm
Calcium (Ca) ….. 10ppm
Magnesium (Mg) ….. 5ppm
Iron (Fe)….. 1ppm

Aplication Rate: 1ml makes 200L of solution. Foliar Applications: Use as a spray mist on newly rooted cuttings. Mis 2 tsp per 1qt of water (10 ml per 1L). Use of a wetting agent in the solution will improve leaf coverage. Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 1 tsp per 1 qt of water (5ml per 1L).

Dimensions and weights

  • 500ml – 5.08 x 10.16 x 15.24 cm – 0.63 Kg
  • 1L – 7.11 x 13.72 x 12.95 cm – 1.125 Kg
  • 4L – 12.95 x 20.57 x 26.92 cm – 4.68 Kg
  • 10L – 17.53 x 24.13 x 36.07 cm – 11.205 Kg

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