House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Brand: SKU: HGAFA01L.

Description of House & Garden Aqua Flakes

House & Garden Aqua Flakes is the complete base nutrient reformulated in the USA specifically for recirculating systems. Aqua Flakes are ideal for expanded clay, rockwool, growstone and various
forms of recirculating hydroponic cultivation.
This liquid concentrate has a unique composition that encourages rapid transfer of nutrients from fertigation into the plant foliage.
The secret House & Garden formulation and blending methodology allows for a perfectly balanced combination of nutrients for optimum, medical-grade cultivation.
The result for you? Better pH balance, improved nutrient uptake, faster plant growth and stability in EC levels.
Aqua Flakes contains all macro and trace elements in absorbable forms to ensure rapid uptake and complete nutriment for the life cycle of the plant.

Disclaimer: Aqua Flakes A&B contains no dyes, synthetic PGRs or detectable heavy metals. To maximize activity and shelf life, sealed jars and containers should be stored between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius) and should be used within one year after opening the seal.

Dosage: 1.1–1.5ml/L

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Dimensions and weights

1L – 8.38 x 8.38 x 24.13 cm  – 1.26 Kg
5L – 15.24 x 20.32 x 22.86 cm – 6.26 Kg
10L – 19.05 x 24.13 x 30.48 cm – 12.38 Kg
20L – 25.4 x 30.48 x 35.56 cm  – 25.25 Kg

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