House & Garden Rhizo Force NFS

Brand: SKU: HGRF250GM.

Description of House & Garden Rhizo Force NFS

Rhizo Force is a granular nutrient filler that helps supercharge your media with vital nutrients, while providing organic matter that helps nourish beneficial bacteria and fungi. It contains essential nutrients to help revitalize recycled media, or you can enhance new media for optimal growing conditions. Rhizo Force is all-natural and helps create a thriving growing environment for plants, while helping to protect the root zone.

Disclaimer: Rhizo Force contains no dyes, synthetic PGRs or detectable heavy metals. To maximize activity and shelf life, sealed bottles and containers should be stored between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius) and should be used within one year after opening the seal.

Nutrient calculator

Dimensions and weights

  • 500gm – 9.65 x 9.65 x 15.24 cm – 0.68 Kg
  • 4,54Kg – 22.35 x 22.35 x 19.81 cm – 4.05 Kg

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