King Crab 11 Species Bacterial Liquid 946ml


Description of King Crab 11 Species Bacterial Liquid 946ml

A key to nutrient uptake is beneficial bacteria. King Crab’s active microbes were specifically selected for use as a supplement to the regular feeding program to increase plant efficiency and performance during the vegetative and flowering phases. These microbes enhance phosphorus and micronutrient uptake, which is key to higher yields and quality flowers.


King Crab® can be used on seeds, cuttings, in coco and soil, or in any hydroponic system.

Soil or existing plants
Mix 1/2 mL per 1 gallon of water and saturate the root ball with the solution. King Crab can be hand watered, mixed in a fertigation system or sent through drip lines.

Mix with water at 1/2 ml per 1 gallon of water. King Crab can be used with any fertilizer line.

*A higher concentration than recommended may be used. Do not exceed 5x rate.
**Shake well before use.
***Use weekly for best results.

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