Grow Green Lamp CER 315

Brand: SKU: L00578P.

Description of Grow Green Lamp CER 315

MasterColor Elite MW lamps offer a unique level of light quality and performance. Bright white light creates a natural ambience and brings out all color types. In addition, the high efficiency of the lamp together with the ballast, manages to reduce the energy consumed and the installation cost, compared to a 400W HID equipment.
Metal halide lamps with a ceramic burner (CDM) are a variant of metal halide lamps (MH). They use ceramic in the discharge tube, instead of the traditional quartz of the MH. These ceramic tubes better resist the corrosion of metal halide salts, allowing them to work at higher temperatures, with greater efficiency, longer useful life and better spectrum.

  • Power: 315W
  • Technology: LEC
  • Lifespan: 20000
  • Color temperature: 3100K, 4200K
  • Bushing: PGZX18
  • Luminous flux: 34300 lm

Dimensions, weights and units per box:

  • 3100k – 23 x 5,7 x 5,7 cm – 0,254 Kg – 12 pcs. per box.
  • 4200k – 23 x 5,7 x 5,7 cm – 0,254 Kg – 12 pcs. per box.

Aditional information for Grow Green Lamp CER 315


3100K, 4200K

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