Photobio MX 680W

Brand: SKU: PTB7680LS4

Description of Photobio MX 680W

PHOTOBIO • MX is a 680W luminaire, abandoning the bar style concept in favor of a more efficient contiguous circuit board to deliver PPFD uniformity. Extensive thermal modeling and testing has been performed to ensure the diodes remain well below operating temperature to maintain consistent light output and performance. Allows you to precisely control the amount of light sent to your plant when combined with the Autopilot PX2 (APDPX2) series controller.

  • 1700+ µmol/s Photon Flux
  • Its efficiency of 2.55 µmol/J.
  • Integrated ILOC light output control allows manual adjustment of light output
  • Settings are 40%-55%-70%-85%-100%-PX Control
  • Its reduced design maximizes growing space.
  • Diode life of 11 years operating 12 hours a day.
  • IP65 protection against water and dust.
  • Controller can be mounted remotely
  • Precisely control photon output when combined with APDPX2 controller (sold separately, PTBCC8850W cable required).

PHOTOBIO • MX is designed for the horticultural professional looking to increase business sustainability by reducing energy consumption while improving crop yields.

S4 Spectrum: Provides a full spectrum of high efficiency, with a balanced red/blue ratio for photosynthesis. The light energy band between 500-599nm, which was previously not believed to be useful, has been shown to penetrate deeper into vegetation, generating photomorphogenic responses.

Intense white light helps to quickly identify potential work and safety conditions. This spectrum is ideal for both growth and flowering stages.

The iLOC integrated light output control system allows the grower to adjust the intensity of photon output to suit the various stages of plant growth for optimal activation of photosynthesis.

With the knob set to 100% using 230V, the MX uses 665W and produces a photon flux (PPF) of 1700 µmol/s. With the knob set to 40%, the MX uses 270W and produces 40% photon flux.

The high efficiency S4 spectrum does not change when using this spinner and achieves an ideal red to blue ratio for vigorous growth and maximized flower development.

Aditional information for Photobio MX 680W


110 X 110 X 5.59 cm


21.540 Kg

Units per pallet



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