Plant Success Myco Chum 16oz 473ml

Brand: SKU: PRPMC016

Plant Success Myco Chum 16oz 473ml

Description of Plant Success Myco Chum 16oz 473ml

Plant Success Myco Chum is a perfect solution for plant lovers looking to improve soil health, boost mycorrhizal fungi and grow sweeter fruit. Packed with sugars and essential micronutrients, it is the perfect complement to your other plant protection products.

Myco Chum is a premium organic microbial feed containing a premium blend of molasses, fish hydrolysate, liquid seaweed, humic acids and nutrients. Use Myco Chum from start to finish to optimize results.

Myco Chum is composed of 4 key ingredients: molasses, seaweed, fish hydrolysate and humic acid.

Each ingredient in Myco Chum was selected for a purpose. This formula provides a generous amount of macro and micronutrients to support continued healthy plant growth and raise your favorite plants to their maximum potential!


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