Smart valve-Water level/flow regulator valve


Description of Smart valve-Water level/flow regulator valve

Smart valve, activated by a non-actuated humidity sensor, is useful to control the flow of water to the plants. The depth regulator that it has allows you to control the water supply to adapt it to the season and the type of plant Because the plant can regulate its own need, there is no risk of being insufficient in watering or of doing excessive watering , which provides the advantage of obtaining a completely natural wet and dry cycle that does not require any type of energy supply As it is not driven by power, the smart valve can be located anywhere, it is economical and in addition to saving work and water, eliminates the cold impact and root infections caused by excess watering.

Aditional information for Smart valve-Water level/flow regulator valve


17,2 x 12 x 4,5 cm


0,120 Kg

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