Xtrasun G4 LED luminaire


Description of Xtrasun G4 LED luminaire

150W modules that allow great versatility when forming different luminaires: 300W (master + slave) and 600W (1 master + 3 slaves) usually.

  • Master module with built-in WIFI antenna that allows you to control 500 slave modules.
  •  Spectrometry control via mobile application to adapt the desired spectra during all stages of cultivation.
  • Possibility of modifying or creating new spectra.
  •  5 predefined programs: cloning, germination, vegetative, flowering and fruiting.
  •  Two fans per module to minimize the heat emitted and maintain the temperature of the crop.

Dimensions and weights:

  • Slave – 36,5 x 26 x 11 cm – 3 Kg.
  • Master – 36,5 x 26 x 11 cm – 3 Kg.

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