Phantom Dual 315W Luminaire LEC

Brand: SKU: PHD315MX.

Description of Phantom Dual 315W Luminaire LEC

Engineered for optimal heat management and longer lamp life.
Phantom CMh ballast with high precision microprocessor and patented ignition control, has internal RF shielding and FCC compliance USB connection for use with the latest version of Autopilot PX2 digital controllers.

Hammertone specular aluminum reflector with a purity of 99.85% and a reflectivity of 95%.
Rotating axis with a locking pin allows multiple angles to be set for the reflectors.

The Phantom Dual CMh rig can be set in four different configurations. Depending on the amount of space in your growing area, the system can be configured to hang with the ballast positioned vertically or horizontally. The vertical configuration is designed to be hung overhead, while the horizontal configuration is designed for low-profile situations with less vertical space.

In addition to these two main configurations, there are two additional angles available. The reflectors can be locked at two angles between vertical and horizontal configurations. They are useful for side and hallway lighting situations, where you need the system’s output to be directed in one direction rather than spread out.
The angle of the reflectors can be selected by pulling up on the fixing pin located near the bracket, built into the shaft. When setting up a setup, make sure the locking pin clicks back into place to lock the reflectors in place.

The Phantom Dual CMh system is a highly versatile system that allows you to run a single 315W lamp or both at the same time to achieve 630W with high PAR, thanks
to CMh technology. The Phantom Dual ballast is dimmable and can work in 4 modes: 60%, 85%, 100% and 105%.


Dimensions, weights and units per pallet:

  • 3100K – 57,2 x 24,1 x 27,2 cm – 6,900 Kg – 18 pcs. per pallet.
  • 4200K – 57,2 x 24,1 x 27,2 cm – 6,900 Kg – 18 pcs. per pallet.
  • Mixta 3100K y 4200K – 57,2 x 24,1 x 27,2 cm – 6,900 Kg – 18 pcs. per pallet.

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3100K, 4200K, Mixta 3100K y 4200K

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